展览 - 全部作品来自于在上海天览展览设计工程有限公司任职期间,版权归其所有,公司网址 www.skyline.sh

摄影 - 全部作品由Fred和我拍摄。

海报 - 部分作品为概念设计。

Exhibitions - All works were completed while employed at Skyline Exhibitions, All rights reserved by Skyline. Their website: www.skyline.sh

Photography - All photos were taken by Fred and me. All rights reserved.

Videos & Posters - A portion of those works are design concepts.


集物 - 大多来自旅行期间对当地小东西的好奇拾掇。我很愿意用易物或者转让的形式和喜欢的朋友一起分享。

手工 - 部分出于对设计品自发的补充拓展。部分纯粹出于兴趣。

Curios - Mostly novelties purchased during two years of travel. Objects available for sale or payment in kind.

Craft - Some of these were produced for specific projects, others just for the enjoyment.